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Series of webinars: "Quo Vadis? Ethics of Scientific Research"

Series of webinars «Quo Vadis? Ethics of Scientific Research» devoted to different ethics’ aspects of modern science and research with goal to raise major attention of world communities and governments to the problem of inhuman research and attempts to replace the concept of humanity with the concept of scientific expediency to justify the development of technologies of mass destruction and selective genocide based on innovative biological and technical solutions.

First webinar held on April 19, 2021, and organized by the SFM, SPINTECH, LBCAR and Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnology (Moldova) to discuss modern problems of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and related ethics’ issues of AI and robotics.

An artificial neural network, or a brain-like computer with a non-von Neumann architecture, surpasses the speed of neurons in the human brain, a biological neural network, in terms of switching speed. For a number of tasks, the ANN will become an extremely useful tool – for example, in air traffic control. Tragic mistakes of air traffic controllers are known due to their fatigue and overload. The ANN does not know such fatigue; it can accurately manage air flows for days and months without interruption. But other, much less humane applications of artificial intelligence systems are also possible – in virusological genetic engineering, in militarization of the space. What can prevent the pathological applications of the results of science?

American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov 70 years ago formulated three ethical laws of robotics – a code of rules for robots. Long ago, he foresaw the problems of our time, and they become more and more urgent – as the capabilities of neural networks and artificial intelligence systems are developing.

First webinar gathered over 30 scientists from Germany, France, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, and Sweden.

Second webinar will be held on Septemer 8, 2021, and will be related to the ethics of biological research and covert development of biological weapons as an example of inhuman research conducted in different regions of the planet nowadays. To take part in the event, please send message to bioconlab@yandex.ru (subject: Register for 2nd Quo Vadis webinar) with following information:

  • Your Full Name;
  • Affiliation(s);
  • E-mail for event's notices and login information.

1st Lekantara Annual Conference on Natural Science and Environment (LeNS)

The Organizing Committee of the 1st Lekantara Annual Conference on Natural Science and Environment (LeNS) cordially invites scholars, researchers, students, and related stakeholders from Indonesia and overseas to participate in the conference by presenting papers or simply being attendees in the conference held by Lekantara.

This conference will be held on September 1, 2021. All abstracts and the followed full papers must be written in English.

The objective of the conference is to disseminate knowledge, innovative ideas, and recent developments in the field of natural science and environment. The participants come from various educational backgrounds, regions, and countries. The participants shall share research results, academic experiences, and innovative ideas, as well as build networks for future collaboration opportunities.

Additional information can be found at https://www.lekantara.com